Female hellhound names

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Female hellhound names

The Newfoundland dog is a rare breed that was first raised in the country of Canada. What makes the Newfie stand out is its webbed feet, gigantic size, incredible strength, swimming skills and a high level of intelligence.

In fact, it is considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the entire world. Even though it might seem like a menacing pet to have, the Newfoundland is actually a loyal dog and an exceptional guardian for families, especially children. They also love to the outdoors and going on hiking trips. These qualities are what makes the Newfoundland dog the ideal companion. The Newfoundland dog is no doubt one of the most prominent dog breeds not just in its local country but also worldwide.

In fact, the breed has starred in a wide variety of works, such as in theater, film or literature. Possibly the most recognized character based on a Newfoundland is Nana from the play Peter Pan, by J. The story revolves around the titular character, who is an innocent but impish boy with an ability to fly and an aversion to growing up. Peter Pan resides in the fictional island of Neverland and frequently visits the Darling household, where he befriends the Darling children — John, Michael and Wendy.

When Peter Pan decides to bring the children with him to Neverland, a series of events is set in motion, involving getting kidnapped by pirates and walking the plank, to name a few. The play became J.

female hellhound names

It became a huge hit and has made Peter Pan a cultural icon, even after all these years. While Nana may well be the most memorable Newfoundland dog, the breed has long been involved in numerous other literary works.

Another appearance by the dog breed is in the novel Jane Eyreby Charlotte Bronte. Other than literary works, the Newfoundland has also graced the big screen in numerous occasions. The breed also starred as a character in the romantic comedy film entitled Must Love Dogs.

The range of works dedicated to the breed has immensely helped in boosting interest in Newfoundland dogs as a household dog and a best friend.

The Newfoundland is an exceptional dog breed. Hence, it deserves a name that is as striking and memorable as it is. There are loads of possible dog names for your new mutt; you simply have to make a few considerations before finally settling on one. One of the simplest ways to choose a name for your Newfoundland dog is to assess its physical traits.Hellhounds are black doglike creatures with red eyes.

They are associated with demons and found almost exclusively in Hades. They are intelligent.

female hellhound names

Hellhounds are fleet and have keen senses. Like demons, they speak demonic language. They are entirely fireproof - specifically, heatproof and noncombustible. Some hellhounds can learn to cast fire spells. Other than that, they have no special abilities. Hellhounds are a created species designed by a group of demons all believed dead by the Twine Wars timeline. Each hellhound will form a mindbond to one demon at a young age. Appearance 2. Abilities 2. Howl 3. Species history 4. Breeding 5.


Teeth 6. Name and pedigree 7. Notable hellhounds 1. Appearance A hellhound is a black dog with fiery non-luminous red eyes. They may be any size from labrador retriever up to grizzly bear. Size is generally proportional to strength and power, but not to intelligence.

Hellhound Names Generator

Fur is almost invariably short; ears are pointed, never floppy; tails are straight and seldom plumed. After these basics, there are many possible mutations.Throughout history and in numerous cultures creatures known as hellhounds have appeared in mythology, legend and folklore - sometimes as guardians of forbidden areas or as sinister drifters that spread death and misery wherever they tread. Although a similar Hellhound is not a demon that takes the form of a wolf, this is more accurately known as a Warg or Worg depending on preference - though the two terms are likely interchangable as a dog is little more than a domesticated wolf.

Hellhounds date back at least as far as Ancient Greece with the legend of Cerberusthe three-headed guardian of the Underworld who was feared by many - this fearsome beast appeared in one of Hercules' twelve tasks and remains a popular figure in fantasy fiction. In the British Isles, the idea of ghostly black dogs, often of inhuman size, is an ancient one and almost always symbolizes death - these creatures are embodied in such legendary monsters as Black Shuck and served as the inspiration for the Hounds of the Baskervilles.

Japan told stories of the shapeshifting Kitsunealthough they were technically foxes - Koreans had an even more evil fox-spirit known as the Kumihowhich was almost always destructive, chaotic, and evil.

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In modern fiction, the Doberman and other large breeds of dogs are nicknamed " Devil Dogs " after their portrayal as servants of the antichrist in The Omen and Damien himself is suggested to of been born of a jackal. The Devil himself is sometimes portrayed as a wild dog, perhaps due to the aggressive and savage nature of these animals in the wild - it is also a common urban legend in parts of Australia that dingoes carry off and devour human infants. The Hellhounds is a supernatural dog, found in folklore.

A wide variety of ominous and hell supernatural dogs occur in mythologies around the world, similar to the oft-seen dragon. Features that have been attributed to hellhounds include black fur, glowing red, or, sometimes, yellow eyes, super strength or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, foul odor, and sometimes even the ability to talk. Certain European legends state that if someone stares into a hellhound's eyes three times or more, that person will surely die.

In cultures that associate the afterlife with fire, hellhounds may have fire-based abilities and appearance. They are often assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial grounds, or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting lost souls or guarding a supernatural treasure.

In European legends, seeing a hellhound or hearing it howl may be an omen or even a cause of death. It is also said that hellhound's are sent from Hell to kill those who's contracts: sold their souls, have expired, the only one who can see a hellhound, is the one being hunted by it. While it is completely invisible to those it's not after. However, encountering them was still considered to be a sign of imminent death. The most famous hellhound is probably Cerberus from Greek mythology.

Hellhounds are also famous for appearing in Northern European mythology and folklore as a part of the Wild Hunt. These hounds are given several different names in local folklore, but they display typical hellhound characteristics.

In southern Mexican and Central American folklore, the Cadejo is a big black dog that haunts travellers who walk late at night on rural roads. The term is also common in American blues music, such as in Robert Johnson's "Hellhound on my Trail". In Greek mythology the hellhound belonged to Hadesthe Greek god of death and the underworld, its name in Greek mythology is Cerberus, it has three heads but is still black with razor sharp teeth and super strength, it is used to guard the gates of hell.

BarghestBargtjestBo-guestBargest or Barguest is the name often given in the north of England, especially in Yorkshire, to a legendary monstrous black dog with huge teeth and claws, though in other cases the name can refer to a ghost or Household elf, especially in Northumberland and Durham Cauld Lad of Hylton. One is said to frequent a remote gorge named Troller's Gill. There is also a story of a Barghest entering the city of York occasionally, where, according to legend, it preys on lone travellers in the city's narrow Snickelways.

Basset Hound Names – 200 Ideas For Your New Hound

Whitby is also associated with the spectre. A famous Barghest was said to live near Darlington who was said to take the form of a headless man who would vanish in flamesa headless lady, a white cat, a dog, rabbit and black dog.

Another was said to live in an "uncannie-looking" dale between Darlington and Houghton, near Throstlenest. The derivation of the word barghest is disputed. Ghost in the north of England was once pronounced guestand the name is thought to be burh-ghest : town-ghost. Another mooted derivation is 'Bier-Geist', the 'spirit of the funeral bier'.

The " Bearer of Death " is a term used in describing the Hellhound. Hellhounds have been said to be as black as coal and smell of burning brimstone. They tend to leave behind a burned area wherever they go.I'm planting trees with my site.

Hellhounds are, of course, supernatural dogs with ties to the underworld in some form.

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There's a wide variety of them in folklore, as well as in modern works of fiction, but the overall aesthetics usually share similar traits. Red or black fur, glowing eyes, enormous bodies, super strength, and incredible speed are a few examples of these traits. Hellhounds aren't always named, and sometimes only one is within a specific folklore.

For this generator I stuck to two types of names. The first are descriptive names like Shadowfur or Grimtooth. The second type of names are randomized, demonic-sounding names. They're aimed to fit hounds of course, but you could use them for other demonic beings too. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

The art above was kindly submitted by Vivi Crisclick to visit her DeviantArt profile. You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course. All background images part of the generators are part of the public domain and thus free to be used by anybody, with the exception of user submitted backgrounds, images part of existing, copyrighted works, and the pet name generator images.

All other original content is part of FantasyNameGenerators. Share this generator. Hellhound name generator This name generator will give you 10 random names for hellhounds and similar beings. Other demon -like name generators for more inspiration. Privacy You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course.Juliet is a hellhound owned by King of Hell Crowley.

Either before or after the death of his other hellhoundCrowley obtained Juliet and trained her to obey his command. In King of the DamnedJuliet was present at St. Anthony's Cemetery where Crowley had hid the First Blade inside a corpse. He instructed Sam and Dean to retrieve the blade so they could kill Abaddon and secure Crowley's place on the throne of Hell.

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After Sam and Dean found the corpse, they were spotted by Juliet, who proceeded to chase after them. They ran past a gate and Sam closed it once they were on the other side. Juliet tried to force her way through, fighting against Sam while Dean contacted Crowley. Dean complained to Crowley about the grave being guarded, but Crowley was under the impression he had already collected Juliet. With Sam losing the struggle, Dean placed Crowley on speaker and Crowley spoke directly to his hellhound.

He addressed himself as "papa" and told the hellhound to "stand down" which she obediently did, leaving Sam and Dean alone. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Using this site means trees will be planted. Hey there and welcome to my site. As you can see there's a lot to explore, but if you're looking for names you're at the right place.

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There are over name generators, as well as many description generators, guides and various tools you might find helpful. But if you have an idea for what I could add or if you want to submit a name, message or other feedback feel free to contact me. Love, - Emily. There are still some missing pages and probably a few bugs I haven't managed to squash yet, but the Spanish translation of my site is now, finally, up and running! If you come across any broken links or bugs, let me know and I'll fix the issue asap.

You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course. All background images part of the generators are part of the public domain and thus free to be used by anybody, with the exception of user submitted backgrounds, images part of existing, copyrighted works, and the pet name generator images.

All other original content is part of FantasyNameGenerators. Spread the word:. Latest Additions FantasyNameGenerators. Spanish version now up and running! This site is planting trees!

Click for more details Trees planted so far: World of Warcraft Name Generators Click to toggle this list. Night Elf. Blood Elf. Allied races.My Account. Remember Me?

female hellhound names

Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 6 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Death Knight names that are actually names. Last Jump to page:. Death Knight names that are actually names.

Here's a few suggestions for naming your Death Knight; they're names that are actually names, not zomgpwntu, so hope you find something you like that isn't already taken on your server: Oh yeah, there are only female names, the only once I've considered since my Death Knight is going to be a female. All of the names are actually from a language somewhere, and can be researched.

The ones with the language noted are noted only because I happened to remember without looking it up.

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The ones not noted I couldn't remember, and I'm too lazy to look them up again. Reply With Quote. Re: Death Knight names that are actually names. Apollyon is the [Greek] variant of Abaddon. Abaddon means "the destroyer", not "the angel of death".

Although, Shinitenshi would be a pretty cool name. Gaiwyn Edit: Fixed. It's been 12 years since I did classics. I'm sorry. For the Alliance! Apollyon is Greek, not Roman, and although it means 'the destroyer', it's the translation of Abaddon, from the Bible, which is the name of the angel of death aka the angel of the bottomless pit, which is why I said 'refers to' blah blah instead of 'means' blah blah. Originally Posted by Avadon.


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